Game Angry Birds Finally Adventure on BlackBerry

Game Angry Birds on Blackberry 10 - Previous Research In Motion, has prepared 70 thousand applications for the new platform, BlackBerry 10. One of them, the game Angry Birds has always been the hope for the use of blackberry 10. Finally, this game appears on BlackBerry phones even for the latest OS.

Rovio, the creator of this angry bird game, has expressed its support for the operating system of Blackberry 10. Angry Birds Star Wars is priced at USD 0.99 ready for download from Blackberry World.
Game Angry Birds on Blackberry 10

"We are proud to present Angry Bird Star Wars for all BlackBerry users worldwide,"
said Petri Jarvilehto, EVP Games Rovio as quoted by an official statement delivered BlackBerry, on Thursday (31/01/2013).

"This is an exceptional platform that is able to deliver a fantastic gaming experience. Users can feel the thrill our devoted a Rebel Birds and fight against Imperial Pigs are very exciting!,"
He said excitedly.

In addition, there are many other games that can be played on this blackberry. That is: 'Where's My Water?' and 'Where's My Perry?' also can be played on your BlackBerry smartphone 10.


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